Trevelyan: Finish the job, James – If you can.

Posted August 25, 2008 by frankwest
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These words were uttered by the antagonist in the classic and much loved Goldeneye 007 for the N64.

Since then, the game has aged a bit- the graphics aren’t bombastic like many FPS’ these days, however, If I were to render a piece of crap in fantastic HD real-time particle lighting effect glory, like many games of today, shoved it on a DVD, and shipped it to every gamer in the world to sit there, marvelling at this piece of crap- but it isn’t just crap- it’s crap with superb graphical detail!

What I’m trying to get across here is that fantastic graphics alone does not a good game make. It helps, but without gameplay, the game is just a shell. Believe me, I do not wear any “nostalgia glasses”. These are my actual thoughts on GE007. These days I feel that FPS’ are a tad dull and souless, not to say that every FPS is like that, but believe me, I’d rather have a good play on Bunker in GE than any HALO 3 nonsense any day (But hey, if you like it, you like it.)

Goldeneye is 11 years old, and still it is remembered by many as the true benchmark for any Bond Game. Games such as Nightfire and Agent Under Fire came close to matching Goldeneye’s fantastic multiplayer mode, whereas Everything or Nothing failed miserably, with a lacklustre Co-Op mode. I remember when multiplayer was about killing your friends and looking smug afterwards- forging temporary alliances with a friend to kill another, more skilled friend, then killing him as well. Co-Op mode is good- but I have to admit;

I’d rather frag for another day.

So, 11 years on, and rumours about a return of GE has been quiet…well, This Website will tell you all you need to know about the Future of GE- basically, that it was in the process of being made for The XBOX 360 Live Arcade and Wii Virtual Console, but for various reasons, it was pulled.

What a familiar scenario...

What a familiar scenario...

The screenshot above came from a magazine article about the potential release of Goldeneye.

In any case- do you love Goldeneye? Do you want it to survive into the next generation of games, not lament into the dusts of time? Then sign this petition (also availble on the aforementioned Website, which tells you what else you can do to help Goldeneye.)

Save Goldeneye! Finish The Job! Get The Girl! Take me to the Mainframe Terminal!

The Birth of another bloody Blog

Posted March 16, 2008 by frankwest
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Well, here it is. Another blog that will take up space on the massive internet (a marginal amount thought.)
Anyhow, prepare yourself for tales of Excitement, Woe, Love (not likely), betrayal and ZOMBIES! (If I feel like typing up one of those blogs)